About Bottega ~ Ipe’ Wood

Bottega chose to use Ipe’ Wood back in 2002. We are the pioneers in the use of Ipe’. We worked with all of the traditional woods, including teak, but found that nothing compares to the strength, durability, and natural beauty of Ipe’. It is much harder to work with than other woods, but in the end, we feel it is well worth the effort. Nothing will outlast Ipe’ WoodIpe ‘ is an exotic and plentiful wood that grows abundantly throughout Central and South America…and is not a rainforest-pillaged raw material. It is also referred to as Ironwood, primarily because of its extraordinary hardness and density. Its strengths are similar to cast iron. Both sink in water. Ipe’ also has a fire rating (NFPA Class A and UBC Class 1). Clearly, for durable wear and long-lasting performance of outdoor furniture, Ipe’ is the best wood; and the wood of choice for Bottega.