About Bottega ~ Care and Maintenance

Bottega furniture can be enjoyed with little maintenance. A simple care and maintenance program is recommended to allow your furniture to age slower and maintain a deeper color, if desired. In time, however, Ipe’ Wood will turn from its rich, dark brown color to a natural silver-gray color. Depending upon your climate, we recommend an application of Thompson’s Oil twice a year. We have tried all types of oils and find that Thompson’s works the best, last the longest, and brings out the natural color in the wood better. It is also readily available in most markets. A light sanding of the wood may be necessary if the grain has raised, prior to applying the oil. Our cushions are made for outdoor use. If they get wet however, we recommend that you remove them from the chair and allow to dry in the full sun. If you have just re-applied oil to the wood, allow it to penetrate a full 24 hours before installing the cushions again to prevent the oil from staining the fabric.