The BoLounge® in Ipe’ Wood

BoLounge ~ Ipe Wood Chaise Lounge

The Patented BoLounge® ~ Ipe Wood Chaise Lounge

Bottega’s signature product is the Patented BoLounge® Chaise.  

The design of the BoLounge® is the result of more than 2 years of research and testing combined with meticulous craftsmanship using the finest materials available.

 Unequalled comfort begins with the “bow” 

The most important feature of the BoLounge® is actually the “bow” in the seat; thus the name BoLounge®. According to Dr. Donald W. Ames, an Orthopedic Surgeon and our medical design consultant, “The problem with every other chaise-type lounge chair is that the cervical and lumbar areas of the spine are put under undue stress when a person lays prone (face down).

“Correct orthopedic principles incorporated in the BoLounge® Chaise allow for the lumbar spine to relax, avoiding the uncomfortable hyperextension experienced with other chaise lounge chairs. The curvature of the seatback also provides lumbar support while sitting or lying supine (face up).”

“With the BoLounge® face-cut-out feature, the upper cervical spine stays in alignment, avoiding the usual uncomfortable hyperextension or lateral rotational stress in the upper back and neck experienced with regular lounge chairs. The BoLounge® chair’s orthopedic features are properly designed and the chair is well built.”

Image_001Dr. Ames concluded, “When also taking into account the chair’s comfort pad and integral magazine rack, I can’t think of a more relaxing and comfortable way to lounge outdoors, even while reading a book, magazine, or tablet face-up or face-down.”

The seat of the BoLounge® is about 5″ higher off the ground than conventional lounges making it much easier to get in and out of. Plus, given its ruggedness and weight, it does not move when you push against it as you get up. It is also stackable to about 8 high for convenient storage. All hardware is made of polished stainless steel for strength and durability. Bottega products are made to last for generations. The marriage of superb product design and robust construction methods, combined with the exceptional materials is what sets Bottega’s products apart from all other manufactures.

Adjustable Face Cut-Out Feature

The Face Cut-Out Feature:
The adjustable face cut-out of the BoLounge® allows the user to lie with their face straight down, eliminating any upper back and neck strain (sort of like a massage table). This feature also allows the user to look directly down at the magazine rack below for reading.

Magazine Rack

The Magazine Rack Feature:
The addition of the magazine rack makes reading a book or magazine very comfortable even while lying face down. It is in perfect alignment with the face cut-out feature. It can also be used to store items off the ground.

Release Handle to lower seatback

Spring Loaded Adjustability / Release Handle:
With the BoLounge®, simply lift the setback to the desired height and it will automatically lock into place. To lower, squeeze the right side where the “BoLounge®” tag is located and lower the setback to the desired height. It is a one handed operation…no reaching under the seat or having to get up to make adjustments.

Drink trays pull out on each side

Beverage Trays:
The BoLounge® also features a hidden pull out tray on each side (wood lounges only) for holding snacks and beverages. Each side operated independently, so both can be used at the same time if needed.

Wheels for ease in moving lounge around pool deck

The BoLounge® has small hidden wheels with stainless steel ball bearings. Simply lift the foot end of the chair and wheel it around with pool deck with ease.

With all of these patented features, the BoLounge® is simply the most comfortable, unique, well built, and luxurious chaise lounge on the market today. We have custom cushions with the face cut-out, as well as a custom set of towels also with the face cut-out; and a headrest pillow.  All of these accessories come with the chair (the cushion comes only with the wooden chairs). We also have winter covers available for an extra charge.