About Bottega ~ Quality Construction

We feel like the quality of Bottega furniture is unsurpassed. We are often told that we are way over the top with our use of thicker material and huge mortice and tendon joinery. All or our joints are fit to perfection, glued with marine epoxy, and screwed with stainless steel screws. We make our own Ipe’ plugs and match each one with the grain of the wood. Bottega products are constructed by skilled craftsman using the best materials, the best joinery, and the best stainless steel hardware available. Each individual part is sanded prior to being joined together. Then, when the piece is fully assembled, the entire piece is sanded again down to 2000 grit sandpaper, giving our products a silky, smooth finish. Our oil finish brings out the beautiful, dark brown color of the wood.

Stainless steel hardware used in Bottega furniture.